Science and Weather Data Support

As science and weather data support play a larger role in the protection of our nation’s life and property, they are also being increasingly acknowledged as key components for enhancement of the national economy. Consistent with this need, Syneren is committed to partnering with federal government customers such as the National Weather Service to provide premier science and weather data support. The Syneren team is comprised of scientists and engineers who have stellar past performance and highly regarded current expertise. Both of which are critical to fielding solutions for the type of complex engineering and operational problems brought on by the challenges of developing innovative scientific and weather data solutions.

Syneren prides itself on providing Subject Matter Experts (SME) with skills, knowledge and abilities specifically tailored to meet stringent federal government scientific and weather data requirements. Our SMEs have a proven track record of providing state-of-art services in the following areas:

  • Conducting analysis of a broad range of scientific areas to include publishing papers and reports based on the technical backgrounds of Syneren staff
  • Providing programmatic and outreach services including conference coordination and participation along with public education workshops to enhance weather preparedness
  • We have a history of delivering high quality services such as:
    • Weather forecasting and analysis
  • Weather data collection and dissemination
    • Air quality prediction and analysis
  • Observing services systems support
    • Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping
    • Software and system engineering
    • Hardware device development
    • Image processing

While our SMEs devote themselves to fulfilling your scientific needs, our engineering and technical professionals supplement those efforts by utilizing their skills to deliver services in the following areas:

  • Program/Project management
  • Cyber security
  • Database administration
  • Media design and website programming
  • Configuration management
  • Facilities space assessment and analysis
  • Data center management
  • Policy and directives management
  • Technical and maintenance training documentation
  • Financial management and international travel support

Our diverse team of scientists, engineers and technical professionals enable us to provide cross-functional excellence with respect to scientific and weather data products and services wherever and whenever they are needed. As a result, Syneren looks forward to offering best practices; which in turn bring worldwide positive impacts, to improve access and delivery of critical and often time sensitive scientific and weather data.