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4010 : ORACLE Developer/Analyst Apply Here

Job location: Arlington, VA

No. of vacancies 1

Location: 2000 14th Street, Suite 730, Arlington, Va. 22201   

Job Description

Research and formulate system solutions to meet business goals applying Oracle (10g, 11g and 12c) Database table’s structures and relationships. Developing PLSQL stored procedures and functions independently and within packages, triggers and leverage Oracle(10g, 11g and 12c) advanced features such as Dynamic SQL, ref-cursors, bulk collection, explain plans, materialized views, oracle table partitioning, Oracle Virtual Private Database(VPD) to Control Data Access.

Develop standalone applications using Oracle application framework Oracle Apex (4.1, 4.2.5, 5.x) in a RAD environment. Creation of classic or interactive report to suffice the needs of corporate dashboard or report dashboard on their UI based reporting system. Exploiting advanced features of Oracle Apex 5.x. Usage of collections API and Oracle Apex API to create items such as check box, text item...etc.

Handle items programmatically in PL/SQL language and understanding of SESSION STATE. Make CSS & HTML modification to achieve desired look and feel of the application, using JavaScript capabilities to enhance the application. Shell scripts to call oracle anonymous blocks of PL/SQL, utilize FTP and SFTP, AWK and SED (text processing and data extraction). Job scheduling of shell scripts using CRON to repeatedly call programs hourly, daily or as periodic as required by the solution specification.

Qualification: BS degree in Computer Science & Engineering with 5 years’ work experience.