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4009 : Technical Specialist IVApply Here

Job location: Silver Spring

Customer Organization: NOAA Weather Radio (NWR)


NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) Technical Specialist IV

Provides technical support for the NOAA Weather Radio system.

Requires knowledge in fields defined as technical, such as electronics, electrical engineering, or other engineering fields.

The Contractor shall perform the following duties as part of this task:

Perform technical/administrative functions:

  • Compile twice daily a report of NWR sites that have had an outage or have degraded. Contact sites for clarification and status.
  • Liaise with individual users of NWR, as well as with Weather Forecast Office personnel and Headquarters maintenance personnel.
  • Create and maintain desktop procedures describing the process resources and procedures in the event of backup.
  • Assist with review of commercial radio receivers for approved usage of the NWR logo.
    • Coordinate documentation and communication required for logo usage approval.
  • Provide weekly, monthly, and quarterly system reports.
  • Develop agendas for monthly Regional Review Board meetings.

Technical support includes:

  • Coordinate NWR coverage and gap activities with Field and Region Equipment Managers, NWR Program Manager, and Chief Engineer.
    • Review monitor and investigate NWR operation and maintenance issues.
    • Review and evaluate original and updated documents on radio transmitter operating communication and maintenance procedures; including ancillary systems.
    • Remotely program Remote Off-Air Monitoring System (ROAMS) units as needed due to repair/replacement at field sites.
    • Assist with the transition of Weather Forecast Offices to use the ROAMS Acquisition Monitoring System (RAMS) system for automatic transmitter failure reporting.
    • Develop and coordinate with field and regional offices on interface procedures between ROAMS/RAMS and new technology systems being configured. Evaluate persistent problems with ROAMS operations.
  • Review and investigate outage reports and provide timely summary and briefing materials to management.
    • Compile and distribute a twice daily a list of dissemination systems and sites that have had an outage or have degraded. Contact sites for clarification and status.
  • Investigate signal penetration techniques for NWR including use of alternate antenna design.
  • Design and execute field tests with NWS Regions for evaluation of various antenna designs and other methods to increase NWR signal strength and reception clarity inside buildings.
  • Provide status and technical coordination with Regions and Headquarter offices to attend or orchestrate outreach events with partner agencies;
  • Support various public outreach activities for States Emergency Managers Constituents and Partners.
  • Actively participate coordinate in all status and technical outreach meetings with constituents, partners, and Federal, State and local Emergency Managers.
  • Provide logistic and documentation support to the NWS for public outreach activities through attendance technical discussions or presentations at trade shows industry group conferences or exhibitions; maintains contact and communication with public alerting stakeholders.

Knowledge of VHF radio and radio receivers required.

Familiarity with public alerting protocols and CEA 2009-B a plus.


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