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ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized model for a QMS. The management system approach to running a business involves institutionalizing the best practices (processes) that are derived and updated through continuous process improvement. ISO 9001 is used by organizations (both manufacturing and service) to certify that their QMS is capable of meeting customer requirements from initial design and development through production, installation, and servicing.

Syneren Technologies has been an ISO 9001 registered company since 2004. Syneren Technologies' third-party registrar is UL DQS Inc. As a registered ISO 9001 company, Syneren Technologies' QMS is audited every year by UL DQS Inc to ensure continued compliance in addition to continuous internal audits. The ISO 9001 standard provides Syneren Technologies the means to manage the company's internal processes in conformance to established business and various contract requirements.

CMMI Level 3

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In November, 2007, Syneren formally received, via an independent appraisal, a CMMI� Level 3 rating for performing to standards required by the Carnegie Mellon� Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model� Integration, Version 1.3. Most current renewal was in August 2018. Syneren is now CMMI v1.3 Maturity Level 3 for DEV and SVC. A great achievement for Syneren, the Level 3 rating provides evidence of a disciplined, defined, and institutionalized approach to development and maintenance activities. As a result, Syneren is now listed on the Carnegie Mellon University SEI Website as an organization that has attained the CMMI Level 3 rating.

The SEI CMMI Level 3 rating focuses on process standardization across the Company, ensuring that projects throughout Syneren practice the same proven engineering processes. The Level 3 rating includes all of the Level 2 processes, in addition to eleven other process areas defined by the SEI CMMI Model, Version 1.3: Requirements Development, Technical Solution, Product Integration, Verification, Validation, Organizational Process Focus, Organizational Process Definition, Organizational Training, Integrated Project Management, Risk Management, and Decision Analysis and Resolution. Standardizing these processes across the organization grants Syneren a level of control that is evident in the finished product. Cost and schedule efficiencies are positively impacted across the organization, reducing risk and affording Syneren's customers a degree of confidence that they are working with a highly disciplined and effective organization.

Capability Maturity Model, CMMI, and Carnegie Mellon are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Carnegie Mellon University.

ISO 20000-1:2011 Information Technology – Service Management

Syneren Technologies has been an ISO 20000 registered company since 2011. Syneren Technologies' third-party registrar is UL DQS Inc. As a registered ISO 20000 company, Syneren Technologies' ITMS is audited every year by UL DQS Inc to ensure continued compliance in addition to continuous internal audits. The system is ITIL v3 based. We are therefore one of the few companies who are ISO 20000 registered.